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Detailed information tryouts


What to expect? 

A fun evening during which you get to know the sport and the team! A first feeling on skates and insight into the beginner (fresh meat) program!

How will I be informed?

The information presented on the current page will also be sent via email, followed by a reminder of the try-out.

We also recommend that you read the following page for all the general information..







- Welcome & Introduction 

- Put on your skates and start skateting! 

  • Skating posture, falling & teambuilding games

- Demo scrimmage Team

  • Get a feel for the ultimate goal

- Shoe/sock scrimmage! 

  • Now try it yourself! 

- Q&A + Have a drink with the team! 

What to bring with you? 

  • Drinking bottle 
  • Right amount of layered clothes you feel comfortable moving in! The track is covered from the elements, but still outside.

  • A thick & thin pair of socks to make sure your skates fit right.

  • Do you have your own skates? Make sure you have wheel hardness between 88 - 93 for a maximum (positive) experience on our floor! 


Our only requirement is that you are at least 18+ years before you can start skating with us.

Would you like to participate, but are you underage? Please contact us to discuss the possibilities

Missed an opportunity?

Is it still months until the next tryout? Can't you be there at the planned moment? Or did you discover the possibility too late? Send us an email: info@rockcityrollers.nl and come visit us during a regular training!