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Roller derby is a strategic, full-contact team sport played on an oval track, wearing quad roller skates. The game is played in a series of short rounds, called jams, in which the one skater from each team can score points by passing members of the opposing team.

That might be a lot to take in... Luckily we have a video for you to get an idea of what that looks like!


The events we organize in Eindhoven!

During the year we have several games/events planned! Please check our Social Media (Facebook or Instagram) for this! [This section is still under construction]. 

Do you want to play against us? 

In addition, we are always open to more (WFTDA-Sanctioned) competitions! So do you want to compete against one of our fantastic A or B team? Please get in touch, by contacting us!

Join Us!

We are always looking for new members! 

Are you interested in seeing roller derby for yourself, or even trying out? Join us at a game to get to know roller derby, the team and our club. There are always announcers present who can tell you exactly what is happening on the track, so don't be afraid. We welcome skaters of all genders, ages and backgrounds!

In addition, we love to spend time and energy to let you grow into your desired role at your own pace! Check the Join Us page for more detailed information! You can find us also on Facebook or Instagram for the latest (social) updates.

The upcoming Try-outs are planned in: 


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March 2024 



What's in it for you? 

Are you interested in Sponsoring, or donating and therefore curious about what we as an organization can do for you in return as an addition to exposure, tickets to our home games and involvement? Please contact us at:

For the skaters, by the skaters!

Rockcity Rollers is a non-profit amateur sports organization. We really believe in a 'for the skaters, by the skaters' mentality. The league is run entirely by its members and volunteers. This is what makes the league by and for everyone! Although skaters pay dues, and we generate some revenue through events, merchandise sales, we rely on sponsorship’s and donations to supplement our league (club).

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