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Triple header | 21 - 04 - 2024 |


  • Door open for skaters & officials [10:30]
  • Door open for public [11:00]
  • Tombola announcements [18:00]

  • Game 1: Rockcity Rollers vs. Pink Peril [12:00]
  • Game 2: Killer Bees vs. Pink Peril [14:15]
  • Game 3: Rockcity Rollers vs. Killer Bees [16:30]



    • All events will be organized at our "honk" in Eindhoven at Sint Trudostraat 1-A, 5616 GA Eindhoven

    • Parking on RC Lichtstad's own site is free. However, there are a limited number of places available. There is generally sufficient space in the neighborhood, but it concerns paid parking from 09:00 - 21:00. 

    • We can tell you how to get here by public transport, but 9292OV can do it even better! 

    • The location has a canteen (with toilets) where drinks and small snacks can be purchased for a reasonable price.


    • Spectators fee: € 3,-

        • Payment can be made by card or by cash at the gate;

        • Children under 12 are free!

         If there are any costs for participation as a skater, this will be stated on the registration form.



      Are you a Skater/Referee/NSO? Then please check out the following (facebook) event for alle the info you need! After registration you will receive a confirmation and an email with detailed information.


      Feel free to share this event to family, friends or interested? After all, everyone wants to see you shine on the track, right?!